The emotional caravan to the “warrior girl” who beat cancer

Cancer is a disease that affects millions of people in the world and, when patients manage to beat it, they not only have the recognition of their loved ones, but they are honored in a big way. That was exactly what happened in Argentina, where some relatives made a caravan to celebrate that little Mily completed her last chemotherapy. The video turned viral in TikTok and moved users.

Last weekend, a TikTok user recorded a caravan on the Gobernador Vergara Avenue highway in Morón. On the rear windows of the vehicles you could read phrases like “My last chemo, Mily” and the sound of horns could be heard.

The people on board the cars are relatives of Mily, a girl who beat cancer, and who were on their way home, after being in a hospital.

“What a thrill! We found a whole family on the highway celebrating their daughter’s last chemo. How exciting!” he wrote. the author of the clip.

@miirdaniela What a thrill!!! We found a whole family on the highway celebrating THE LAST CHEMO OF THEIR LITTLE DAUGHTER…what a thrill!!!!#viral #freeway #ultimachemotherapy #celebration #Buenos Aires ♬ I only ask God – Luciano Pereyra

“Mily, the warrior girl”

The video exceeded one million views and thousands of users did not hide their emotion at the time.

“She is the daughter of my friend, we were there, accompanying, celebrating and it was terribly moving. We are happy and thank you for sharing,” wrote a woman, who is a friend of the girl’s family. “A real warrior, my son started his chemo 2 weeks ago and that’s how we’re going to celebrate your last chemotherapy,” another user commented.

Mily, the “warrior girl,” as TikTok users called her, reacted to the caravan with joy in a later video.

A big celebration

Little Mily celebrated that she beat cancer outside her home, along with friends and family, as can be seen in videos posted on TikTok. The minor appears dancing even with her relatives, to the rhythm of an orchestra.

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