The emotion of Enrico Letta on TV: "David changed European history"

Enrico Letta, the press conference of the secretary of the Democratic Party (photo Imagoeconomica)

Rome, 11 January 2022 – “David Sassoli era a brother, a friend, for us he was a very important and fundamental point of reference. “The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta Rome, during an interview with Tg1. “For us it was a very important and fundamental point of reference – said the dem leader -. In this moment many memories are piled up in the mind. I want to remember something important, fundamental, beautiful. David changed European history, because during the pandemic he found himself president of the European Parliament, at the most incredible moment in the history of our continent, and he succeeded with strength, but with his determination and kindness, to convince everyone to keep the European Parliament open “.

“Thanks to this fact – continued Letta -, Parliament has allowed Europe to make those social choices, of solidarity, of fight against the pandemic, of attention to the least, to solidarity that otherwise could not have been done. David changed the history of European democracy and of our continent and he leaves an indelible trace in European history and in the history of the Italian and European democrats who mourn him today. “” David – added Letta – leaves an enormous legacy in the field of commitment to rights and democracy. Putin considered him persona non grata, today this attitude in defense of human rights and democracy is a medal. And the high value of politics as a maximum commitment of charity. Above all, this is what he leaves us today, it is very hard for all of us to imagine that he is no longer there and to move forward “.

And in memory of Sassoli, Letta opened the meeting of the Pd secretariat al nazareno. “It’s a time of great sadness for all of us. The entire community of Italian and European democrats gathers around David Sassoli’s family ”. With these words, the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, opened the meeting of the secretariat of the Democratic Party at the Nazarene. “It will be difficult to live up to what he has done and represented until the end,” added Letta. “He was a great Italian at the service of European institutions, representing Italy for the better with principles, theory and practice. There are many circumstances and examples of this. It changed the history of Europe ”, recalled Letta.

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