The Earth broke its rotational speed record, here’s why

By Caroline J. Posted Aug 5, 2022 11:26 AM

That’s a fact. The Earth is spinning faster and faster. On June 29, the blue planet broke its rotation speed record in 24 hours minus 1.59 milliseconds. So, how to explain it and should we worry about this phenomenon? We answer you.

Do you have the strange feeling that the days go by faster than before? This is not just a simple impression since, at the end of June, the Earth broke a new record, that of the shortest day.

As reported by the site Time And Dateon June 29 more exactly, the Earth established a new self-rotation record, in 24 hours minus 1.59 milliseconds. And the phenomenon is not new, since specialists have observed since 2016 a acceleration of the rotation of the earth’s globe.

Since 1830, we observed a decrease in the speed of rotation of the Earth and therefore an increase in the length of the day. This trend has been reversed for seven years without being able to explain it » indicates in the columns of West France Christian Bizouardastronomer of the National Earth Rotation Service, at theParis Observatory.

But then, how is this possible and is this phenomenon worrying? Nothing alarming for the French specialist who recalls in the columns of the Breton daily that this earth globe rotation has always been irregular. “ This is a completely normal and periodic phenomenon. “, he explains, indicating that several phenomena come into play. Thus, “ 80% of the variations in the Earth’s speed are linked to mass transport in the atmosphere, in other words the winds he says. Furthermore, the tides also play an important role in the rotation of the blue planet. The melting of the glaciers or even some earthquake would also have an impact on the movement of the Earth, according to The Guardian.

If the earth globe rotation speed is accelerating in recent years, so it would have no change on our existence. On the other hand, it’s a completely different story for the international timekeepers, those who set our clocks. These multiple rotational irregularities in fact cause a atomic time desynchronization, leading to many necessary adjustments. Until then, the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service had made a habit of adding a “leap second“year-round, usually late June or late December. But the recent acceleration in Earth’s rotation changes that.” For the first time, if the Earth continues to accelerate, we could have to remove a second. This never happened ” noted Christian Bizouard in West France.

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