The E19 motorway to Paris is reopened to traffic after long months of blockage

The device had caused the creation of long lines on both sides of the border in the direction of Paris.

The main road between Brussels and Paris had been closed to traffic for 10 months near Vicq, users having to leave the motorway and take a roundabout not far from the village to take the A2 a little further. The mayors of the northern municipalities impacted by the forced deviation, Vicq, Quarouble and Onnaing, had expressed their disapproval to the French authorities and underlined the nuisance caused in their villages by the deviation.

The mayor of the Belgian border town of Hensies, Eric Thiébaut, confirmed the lifting of the dam. “The motorway had been closed for 10 months and the elected representatives of the impacted villages in France had clearly expressed their disapproval at the beginning of July,” indicated Eric Thiébaut. “We have not in fact received any official communication on this file which apparently targeted drug smugglers and traffickers. A meeting took place on Wednesday between the mayors concerned and the Prefect of the Region in Lille. The blockade was lifted on Wednesday. The village of Hensies had also been impacted by the diverted traffic for a long time.

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