The dustman boasted about his plans for the future! Not a word about Sandeva

“I haven’t really seen the sun yet, as I’m still locked up somewhere. I’m here, where there’s a klimoshka and we’re underground, so I don’t know what’s going on outside.” he told about his work schedule. There wasn’t much time for his girlfriend, the actress Sara, either Sandeva (25). “I was on a boat, hanging out somewhere, and that was pretty cool, otherwise I hadn’t registered that the tropics were out there yet.” you lamented.

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But he would like to take his daughter out. But probably when the summer is over. Mia he has Duster from marriage with Agatha Hanychová (37), recently returned from a holiday in Marbella where she spent the summer with her mum and her new boyfriend Jaromir Soukup (53) in his luxury home. So she enjoyed the sunshine a lot.

But Jakub would like to take her to the exotic. “We will go to the tropics so that my daughter can experience what the tropics are, when she grows up, there will be no forests anymore, so there will only be subtropics, now there are still tropics,” Prachar explained his plans. However, he did not mention whether Sandeva would also join the party.

Jakub Prachař and Tereza Ramba completed the comedy Be a guy!

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