The driver who made Lucas Fortuna quadriplegic, in Verviers, faces two years in prison: “We don’t let a friend die”

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The public prosecutor requested Tuesday before the criminal court of Verviers a total of 2 years in prison, 13 months of forfeiture of the driving license, 6,400 euros in fine and the passage of the three examinations (practical, theoretical and psychological) in order to recover a driving license against a driver who caused a road accident on April 13, 2019 in Heusy, on the territory of the municipality of Verviers.

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For the mother, the public prosecutor considers that the preventions of forgery and lack of insurance are established. He claims a sentence of 7 months in prison and a fine of 2,800 euros.

That evening, four friends got into the vehicle of one of them, after a drunken evening. The accident happened around 9:30 p.m. Three people, including the driver who did not have a driver’s license, manage to extricate themselves from the vehicle. The driver called the emergency services and presented himself as a witness to the accident. He does not indicate that one of his friends is stuck in the back of the vehicle.

The individual then calls his mother who will arrive on the spot before the police and who will introduce herself as the driver who was the victim of the accident. We had to wait for his arrival, more than 20 minutes, for the emergency services to be called back, telling them that there was an injured person incarcerated.

“A brother, a friend, we don’t abandon him. We don’t let him die like they did with me, ”said Lucas Fortuna in a moving letter he read in court.

The car had been out of insurance for 16 months.

The victim, trapped inside the vehicle, lost the use of his legs.

Mother and son were therefore prosecuted before the criminal court. A series of driving offences, involuntary blows and injuries, a hit and run, lack of insurance and license are charged to the driver. Like his mother, he must also answer for a false intellectual and non-assistance to anyone in danger.

Judgment on December 13.

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