The driver (19) in the Trutnov region did not manage to speed: He swept his parents with an infant!

The accident happened on Thursday after 3 pm between Bílá Třemešná and Třebihoští. The young driver with a minimum of experience behind the wheel got a quick ride into a right-hand turn on the climb. In addition, the 3rd class asphalt road was too narrow. The car skidded, drove right off the road, where it crashed into a woman, a man and a pram with a child. “Then it hit the elevated bank and landed back on the road,” said policewoman Iva Kormošová, a terrifying-looking carom.

Crushed grandmother

The child’s parents took an ambulance to the hospital and a rescue helicopter arrived for the infants. “My mother is broken, so is my son, but my grandson is probably fine. I’m still talking about it, “complained the grandmother of the family on the social network after the accident. All three still did well about how strong the impact was. “They only escaped with bruises,” rescue spokesman Ivo Novak said. Without alcohol The driver and his minor co-driver ended up in the hospital with a minor injury. The drinkers drank alcohol consumption before the ride by a breath test performed on the motorist.

Tens of thousands

According to police estimates, the damage to the car is 35,000 crowns and another 2,000 to the pram. The exact causes of the accident are the subject of further investigation.

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