The drama that a tiktoker experiences by ensuring that no one wants to go out with her when they discover her age

Some people say that there is no age for love. However, that does not happen with the tiktoker , who stated that men always want to go out with her, but everything changes when they discover a curious detail. Through a video viral from TikTok, the woman told her ‘dilemma’.

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The influencer became a trend by sharing a recording where she confesses the difficulty she has in finding a partner. In the clip, which accumulates more than 8 million views, the user “princesaaprilxo” He admitted that it is difficult for him to coordinate appointments, because there is one thing that gets in the way: your age.

In that sense, the woman explained that the opposite sex always pays attention. However, things get difficult when stating how old are you. “Men like me until I tell them my age”, the woman pointed out at the beginning of the video.

Seconds later, the tiktoker @princessaprilxo, who bit her nails like she’s nervous, revealed that he is currently 44 years old. “Nobody wants a cougar”the influencer wrote in the caption of the post.


nobody wants a cougar 😔

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Social media debate

The revelation of the model about her age stunned many viewers. Some netizens just didn’t believe him, saying he looked to be 22 years old. While other netizens asked him “What’s your secret? You must have one, your face is beautiful “.

Likewise, comments such as “I don’t think they were men, you have to meet a lot of guys (laughs). Age is nothing if the woman has a good personality and is true to herself ”; “They still like you, but they think that wanting to have children is no longer possible with you”; “age is just a number. What matters is your heart ”, among others.

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