The drama that a mother and her children experienced: sleeping in a car until staying in a hotel

In U.S, a single mother and her three children had nowhere to go, so they slept in their car in the cold. When her situation was getting worse, she and her three little ones received some good news. The history, published in YouTube, turned viral and touched thousands of users in social networks.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, a family faced homelessness as they abandoned their rented residence following an unexpected decision by the landlord. “The landlord had problems with the city, so I had to leave the place. And so he left me and my children out in the cold.” Mom confessed Yudenia Pérez.

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They slept in the mother’s car

Faced with this dramatic situation, Yudenia Pérez, without thinking twice, called the (CAP), a hotline for homeless people seeking help, but was told that they had no room for her and children, who are 11, 10 and 1 years old.

Not knowing what to do, Yudenia stayed in her vehicle with her three little ones. “They forced us to sleep in our car. It was not easy. It was cold. The baby was not comfortable. The boys complained a bit. We were used to being at home.” Pérez told the television station, .

got a room

Fortunately, the family of Yudenia Pérez managed to move into a hotel room that was available from the Greater Cincinnati Interfaith Hospitality Network. As expected, an emotional mother maintained that “I feel blessed. We are not in the car. Right now is the worst time to be homeless.”.

“It was quite cold at night”

The case happened last November and Yudenia decided to make it public to raise awareness about the struggles faced by homeless families in North American territory. “It was quite cold at night. What if we didn’t have a vehicle? So what, you know?” Perez said.

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