The disgusting TikTok challenge that worries doctors

In these times, the social networks have become the home par excellence for various challenge of all kinds, but some can cause serious problems, as represented by the most recent challenge of TikTok in the USA which consists of enduring to the extreme the desire to go to the bathroom, which has amused many, but worried others such as doctors who do not recommend doing it due to the serious consequences that its practice could have on health.

A controversial challenge

This challenge is called “No poop July” (“July without poop”translated into Spanish), which has become popular among young Americans, mainly among males, who must hold back the urge to go to the bathroom to defecate as much as possible those who, in turn, they make a count of the days of the mentioned month that, supposedly, have managed to successfully contain said physiological need.

Now, it can be seen that the vast majority do this in a joking tone, since they are not seriously enduring the need to go to the sanitary facilitiesbut, as is already known, fashion can fall into the hands of the wrong people and cause more than one to dare to do it seriously. without measuring the risks that would entail.

Million views

But, this challenge is not new, since it dates from the 2020 and has its origin in Reddituntil it reached TikTok and, so far, with the hashtag #nopoopjyuly has been accumulating more than 136.6 million views and, according to Google Trendsthis tag increases in popularity every July since the year it appeared.

concerned specialists

Faced with this, there have been many media outlets USA who have communicated with specialists to know the effects that the application of this controversial challenge.

Most expect this to stay that way, i.e. a joke, but, for example, Steve Miller, pediatric gastroenterologist at John Hopkins Children’s Center warned the following: “It’s funny for the joke, but it’s something potentially serious”.

For its part, austin chiang, gastroenterologist at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia has an account in TikTok and claims to be following the development of this trend, who said that, under normal conditions, no one could last so long without going to the bathroom.

“Obviously, I hope that nobody takes it seriously (…) Honestly, people who have a regular and normal gastrointestinal tract are not going to have this problem, because their body is going to want to get rid of its waste. So it’s not like they have the option to keep him.”sentenced.

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