THE DESALMADA | Octavio tries to abuse Fernanda


Fernanda comments to Octavio who argued with Rafael with no reason. He offers his help and Fernanda tells him that she wants to go to Mexico to see Brenda and Octavio agrees to go. Fernanda wants to go alone, without Carmelo. Octavio thinks it is a good idea, Fernanda asks him to go find him at his farm. Octavio tells Carmelo that no one should know. Finally Octavio goes for Fernanda, who says she is safe with him.

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David asks Maria if you had forgiven Piero for that. María tries to make David understand Clara, because for some reason she became a prostitute.

Miriam tells Piero that he must have thrown the photos away. Now together with Luis, César and Juana, they try to make a plan to help Fernanda. César with a hood, beats Carmelo and rides him in a car that Luis drives.

Luis and Miriam go to Octavio’s cabin, there they find some boxes with various documents. César hurries them because Julia is about to arrive. Luis and Miriam invite him to change a tire. Octavio writes to Julia that he will not be able to go see her.

Fernanda asks for distant rooms, but Octavio leaves that they will see Brenda tomorrow. Fernanda wants them to go eat something, Octavio takes her phone from her, supposedly so that she is not aware of Rafael. After dinner, Octavio wants to take her to her room. Then Juana arrives with Brenda.

Luis finds invoices from Los Laureles, among Octavio’s papers.

César tells Carmelo that he knows everything about Rigoberto, that he was involved in the theft of his cattle and that he will tell him that. Cesar wants me to give him information, but Carmelo refuses.

Leticia finds Rafael in bad shape. Leticia says that she will give instructions not to let her in. Rafael says he does not know how he could believe in Fernanda. Leticia replies the same and that if it weren’t for the photos, she would never think about it.

Angela is calmer because she told Rafael the whole truth about Rigoberto and Isabella. Germán thinks the same. Angela is still in no mood for anything, but she wants to be distracted by work.

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César tells Germán that Luis and Miriam want to give him something. Germán tells him that that’s why they couldn’t continue with the investigation. Piero is worried about who took his photos, Germán thinks that Julia took them.

César tells Ángela that he will soon find reasons to live and be happy, since he only wanted to die when he learned that his wife and daughter died.

Julia thinks that, even if she is late, Octavio will be with her. Julia tells Isabella that they must find a DNA to make believe that her baby is Rafael’s son.

José tells David how he is going to continue with his job if he keeps drinking. Rafael is also drowning the sorrows.

Ángela shows Germán some invoices where the dates coincide with the dates on which he left with Julia and Octavio took care of his farm.

Fernanda wakes up Juana and tells her that they found problems against Octavio, with the packing house and with Germán’s farm.

Leticia is worried about Rafael, he does not want to continue feeling bad and mentions that he has not even called him.

Carmelo tells Octavio that they kidnapped him, that even though he had a hood, he knew it was César and he was asking about Octavio’s things.

Juana tells Clara how things went with Brenda. She did not understand the business, but asks Clara to go, she loves the idea so she can forget everything that happened with David.

Luis wants Cesar to leave because Octavio tries to blame him for stealing his cattle.

Octavio wants to know what Fernanda is up to with César. She insists she has nothing with him. Octavio insists that if he defends him so much it is because they are lovers. He says he will blame him for stealing his cattle. Fernanda tries to deny that. Octavio rushes towards Fernanda and tells her what the little game is, because he thinks Fernanda is interested in him. Then he grabs her and kisses her forcibly and they tell her to do it. Fernanda hits him with a miss and Octavio says that she loves him. Fernanda takes the horse and leaves the site. He goes to Juana and tells her what happened. They want to continue with the plan to deliver the papers they found.

Rosalina forgave Luis, he considers Gabriel to be a good boy. Luis thinks that, if things don’t work out with Miriam, he should go, not far, but go. He doesn’t want her to see him only as the father of her child.

Rafael searches for evidence to find out why Fernanda cheated on him. Octavio tells him that Fernanda hit him and tells him that César stole from him. And that she defended him and that she was the one who had to disconnect the surveillance cameras. Octavio tells him that she offered herself to him in exchange for her “lover.” Rafael can’t believe it. He thinks that the woman he fell in love with never existed. Octavio mentions that she told him lies to turn him against him.

Octavio tells Leticia everything. He tells him that Fernanda went into his room to offer herself to forgive César. Leticia thinks that is the last straw and wants to look for her to claim him. Octavio asks him not to lower himself. Octavio asks Leticia to sign some documents to give him the power to do paperwork without his signature and thus not bother so much. Leticia replies that she would like to know what that is for, Octavio wants to take weight off the matter.

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