THE DESALMADA | Octavio is obsessed with Fernanda


Fernanda and Rafael they will enter the pool, and Octavio he does not stop looking at her. Julia is nearby and tells him that her plans are coming out because he managed to take her home.

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Angela comes to see Rigoberto, she wants to talk about the gift she made to Isabella. He says he’s already fulfilling her, she wants to know what business he’s getting into. Rigoberto believes that he also deserves to get rich. Angela tells him that an honest job does not generate so fast. Rigoberto wants to stay married to Isabella.

Germán complains to Isabella for attending the wedding, because she cannot be friends with her enemy. Isabella says she is an adult and will take care of herself. Germán wants him not to lose his dignity by looking for money, he warns him that he may fall lower and there is no going back.

Luis worries about Rosalina, he feels that he is responsible. Piero goes so far as to tell Luis that Panchita does not want him to see María, because of the relationships he has. Luis can’t throw them out.

Fernanda believes that Rafael has more the character of his mother than of his father; while they look at the photos Piero took of the wedding.

Octavio and Julia are in the office and while they kiss, Octavio thinks it is Fernanda. Julia mentions to him that they go to the cabin, but he wants it to be there and now.

Rafael confesses to Leticia that Fernanda drives him crazy, he doesn’t stop thinking about her. He is excited about life projects.

Clara doesn’t want to clip David’s wings with politics. David arrives and announces that he is collecting the signatures to be an independent candidate for mayor.

Rafael feels that Fernanda is tense sometimes, Fernanda needs to adapt and misses Juana. Octavio arrives and wants to give him an official welcome, and extends his arms to Fernanda, but she said the best thing was for them to reconcile. Fernanda him. he tells Rafael that he was in a bathing suit and was sorry to approach Octavio.

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Isabella tells Julia that she has a surprise for Rafael and Fernanda. She asks him to wait and stay and live with her and Germán. Julia expects me to do something smart this time.

Rafael kisses Fernanda, but she feels uncomfortable because she is not at home and her parents are there. Fernanda dreams of her tragic night and wakes up and sees Rafael with the pendant.

Fernanda comes to work where Juana, feels that this is where she can breathe and gain strength, Juana demands that she continue there. Fernanda wants to look for evidence against Octavio, she has to know where to look.

Fernanda admits that being there is feeling like she has a gun to her head, she’s scared, but she has to be there, because of her thirst for justice.

Mateo arrives and wants to verify that Fernanda went to live with Octavio, they do not want to be on her side, Fernanda is offended and asks him to leave.

Piero does not want to act under the emotions like his father, Miriam says that only he will know what to do.

Octavio comes to speak with Isabella and asks her not to return to the hacienda. He tells him that he must control himself if he wants to get Rafael back. Isabella says she’s not feeling well lately, and that she admires her sincerity.

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