THE DESALMADA | Octavio begs Leticia to forgive him


David can’t believe what he said Fernanda from Octavio. Fernanda tells him that you don’t know what to expect from bad people. David says he’s not like Clara. Fernanda tells him how everything happened with Clara to become a prostitute. Clara arrives and says that they are looking for César and that they think he is at Fernanda’s farm. She hopes he will do better than Antonio.

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David asks Rafael why did Fernanda marry him despite knowing that Octavio had raped her and killed her husband.

Isabella tells Germán that it is good that he separated from Julia. He considers her a bad woman and one who wanted her to abort her baby. Germán knew that the baby belonged to Rigoberto and thinks that he should tell Rafael. She is afraid, but Germán thinks she will be calmer. Rafael arrives and tells Isabella that that was not what he wanted for the baby. Rafael tells him that he wants to register it in his name. Isabella confesses that the baby belonged to Rigoberto and she did everything out of revenge for Fernanda and for him and her father to support them. Isabella asks him to excuse her and he agrees, but also says that she must forgive herself.

Panchita tells Carmelo that Isabella lost her baby, who would be her grandson. Panchita tries to calm him down and tells him to cry and take everything out. He cries because it was the only thing he had left of Rigoberto.

Fernanda visits Isabella, Isa wants to thank her for saving her life and apologize for everything she did. Isabella believes that it was best to uncover Julia’s secret. The only thing Isabella regrets is not having Rigoberto to ask for forgiveness.

Octavio will return home, Rafael says he has to explain things. Octavio tells him that he let the packing house pass, but swears that he has not killed anyone and that he would be unable to force a woman to be with him.

Fernanda goes to the ranch to speak with Rafael. He tells her that Octavio says he wants to defame him. Fernanda tells him that he killed her husband in front of her and then raped her. Rafael asks why she married him knowing that he is Octavio’s son. Fernanda says she had to find evidence against Octavio. But Rafael does not hear the answer he expects. Octavio says that she married him to rob him and be with his lover Caesar. Fernanda tells him that she fell in love with him without knowing who her father was. Leticia She says that even though Octavio cheated on her, he wouldn’t be able to rape. Antonio shows some documents that say that Santiago died in an accident. Leticia questions why she did not denounce him, Fernanda did it to save her life, she also recommends Leticia not sign documents without knowing what they are for.

Germán carries his grandson for the last time, thinks that Isabella must rebuild her life and loves her despite everything. Isabella will use the ring that Rigoberto gave her to remember to be a better person.

Fernanda says that the only thing that united her to César was the pain of losing their families. Rafael thinks that he had everything calculated and planned. Fernanda tells him that he can doubt everything he said about Octavio but that he does not doubt that he loves him because in that he never lied to him, he would give his life for him. Rafael tells him to leave and not come back, Fernanda responds that she loves him and leaves

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Rafael does not forgive that he cheated on his mother.

Fernanda apologizes to Leticia, who felt humiliated to find out about this in front of Rafael. Fernanda says that it is the beginning, Octavio is a dark being and hopes that Leticia will discover him.

They find Candela injured, Miriam says she didn’t have to take her place.

Brenda arrives to see Rafael. He says very unpleasant things have happened. He says that Fernanda never wanted him and married him to enter his family and destroy it. Brenda says that she viewed him with love. Rafael responds that she is a liar.

Fernanda wants César to hide because they are still looking for him. Cesar will not allow himself to be harmed. Fernanda says that Rafael doesn’t want to believe her and that their marriage was lost.

Leticia does not want to be near Octavio. She regrets that she cheated on him with her friend and comments that she let many of them pass, but now she doesn’t want them to be in the same room.

Fernanda asks Brenda for help, but she thinks that with everything she’s heard, she can’t believe her. Brenda is on Rafael’s side and after everything she’s heard, she doesn’t want him to hurt him.

David wants to audit his father to find out if what Fernanda said about the shady deals between Octavio and Antonio is true.

César visits Rafael and tells him that he is not Fernanda’s lover and that he burned his land and that is why he wanted to kill him. Cesar admits that he fell in love with her, but unfortunately for him he fell in love with Rafael. César says that if he keeps pushing her away, he won’t rest until he marries her. Moreno arrives to arrest César who says he is innocent. Rafael responds that they have not confirmed anything against his father.

Isabella buries her baby, Germán accompanies her. Angela arrives and Isabella tells her that they have already left their baby with Rigoberto. He admits to being very selfish and would have loved to have his values ​​and character. I thought she deserved it. Angela says to make friends again.

Fernanda realizes that they had told her from the beginning that they were going to pay for Fernanda. Juana thinks to go if she had denounced from the beginning, she would be dead. Clara considers that she did it well, because she must also have done it with the man who put her into prostitution.

Brenda wants to help Leticia, she is outraged by what Fernanda did for Rafael and Octavio for her. Octavio says that he saw how César threatened him with the weapon. Moreno says they will take him to the state and Brenda asks if he will be tried.

Candela says she did it to feel like Miriam, she loved Luis and wanted to live his life. He asks for forgiveness. Miriam says that from the moment he took her place to defend her, he forgave her.

Leticia forgives Carmelo for Julia because she knows that he did it because he was a loyal man for Octavio. Leticia thinks he is a good man. Carmelo thinks that Leticia is a saint and thanks her for forgiving him.

Fernanda gives David copies of documents to incriminate Octavio and Antonio. Juana says that mistrust is mutual and that is why they give her the documents on USB.

David asks Moreno to give him the document with the information about Santiago’s death, but Moreno says that Antonio took care of it.

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