THE DESALMADA | Is there something between Rafael and Brenda?


Leticia wants to know how you feel Fernanda with Isabella’s baby and Rafael. She feels like she taught a great lesson, but she’s sure it hurts her. She mentions that she is not alone. Fernanda wants to see how this situation progresses. Leticia also asks him to help her look for María.

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Octavio he wants to know if Rigoberto knows anything about the cattle thefts. Rigoberto is unaware of that, Octavio asks him and Carmelo to be aware of it.

Piero tells Miriam that he doesn’t want to marry Maria. He does not feel ready for that commitment, he asks his mother for advice.

Tsubaki wants to end the contract with Octavio so that he does not sell more meat to his supermarket, he does not want to be involved in the packing house scandal. Then Octavio asks Carmelo to follow Tsubaki and cause him to have an accident.

Piero tells María that they cannot get married, they must get to know each other better, she thinks that the little they know is enough to adore her. He will take her to her grandmother and explain everything to her.

Germán visits Edgar and tells him how things are going. Germán blames him for the packing house situation, Edgar gets angry and threatens him.

Martina confesses to Octavio that they made an anonymous report to close down her company. Martina asks him to help her with her candidacy, but he refuses because he does not want a woman. Martina warns you not to underestimate her, it can be expensive.

Fernanda came to look for María to take her home, but Piero tells them that he left a letter, telling them that he was leaving Tchámal.

Octavio tells Martina and Edgar that he ran for mayor. He thinks he has the voters on his side. He tells Martina to support David. Martina is willing to help her son, and promises to help him in exchange for his leaving Clara. David refuses, and Martina tells him to win mayor and then if he wants, he can go back to her. David doesn’t want me to do anything for him, he’s an independent candidate. Martina wants to give you advice and support. He insists that he is a committed citizen for his people, even though he has no experience in politics. Martina warns him that Octavio is going to destroy him. David is not afraid.

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Rafael tries to fix the situation in Octavio’s company. Then Rafael decides to accompany Brenda, whom he met in the parking lot, to see her father who suffered an accident.

Octavio tells Fernanda that he will support him, she believes that everything could change if Rafael’s son weighs more than her, he insists that he has her support and will impose that he be respected.

Martina unloads with Antonio, she is upset by what Octavio did. Antonio mentions him not to do anything, because they have made illegal money transfers together.

Isabella and Julia show Leticia everything they have bought for the baby, Leticia asks them to be more cautious so as not to bother Fernanda.

Carmelo arrives to tell him the details of Tsubaki’s accident, although he couldn’t touch her pulse, he assured Octavio that it was difficult for him to survive.

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