THE DESALMADA | Fernanda tries to trick Octavio


Isabella was punching holes in Rigoberto’s condoms. But he arrives and almost discovers her. Isabella takes the opportunity to get intimate with Rigoberto. Isabella is happy because everything is going the way she wants. Rigoberto tells her that he loves her, that he dreams about her all the time and when awake he thinks about her all day. Isabella likes that, but if he’s with her he needs a lot of money. Octavio He wants to take advantage of the fact that he is not here Rafael to win the affection of Fernanda.

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Fernanda tells César that she has thought about going away with Rafael and leaving everything behind. But he remembers Santiago, César’s family and the people he has hurt. Fernanda feels strange, because she feels that Octavio is undressing her with his eyes. Fernanda shows César a weapon, he will have it at hand in case he wants to hurt him. Fernanda wants to learn to fight too, César says yes, in case Octavio wants to go overboard.

Carmelo worries that Octavio is very infatuated with Fernanda. Octavio thinks that Isabella’s baby will end up separating Fernanda and Rafael and he will have her for himself.

Leticia tells Germán if he is not enthusiastic about the idea of ​​being a grandfather, he hoped it would be different. Germán understands that it is a difficult situation to have Fernanda there.

Panchita is very desperate because of Maria’s absence. Leticia asks her to rest, they are looking for her.

Carmelo gives Rigoberto some money to buy cattle for the ranch. He tells him that he asked Octavio for a loan.

Octavio reveals to Leticia that he will run for mayor. Leticia hoped that with Rafael working at the packinghouse, she would have more time for them. He also hopes that he does not distance himself from Rafael because he will support David.

Brenda learns that her father is in a coma. Rafael regrets meeting her that way, as she is Tsubaki’s daughter. Rafael will put you in tune with everything that happens, in order to continue doing business.

Fernanda tells Juana that Octavio has no adoration for Rafael and tells her that he went into her bedroom to spy on her while she was bathing. Juana asks him to leave before there is no remedy.

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Fernanda infiltrates Octavio’s office in search of evidence and Carmelo finds her. Fernanda tells him that she doesn’t have to explain him. Carmelo ask him to come out. Fernanda apologizes, tells him she didn’t know.

César recommends Fernanda to leave the farm, but she wants to stay until the last consequences. Carmelo goes to look for her and tells her that Octavio wants to talk to her.

Rigoberto finds María in the brothel, he asks her to go home because Panchita is waiting for her. She tells him that this is no place for her.

Octavio wanted to know what he was doing in his office. Fernanda tells him that she thought about him, about facing their differences. He confesses that he was scared, because he is an imposing man. Octavio likes to hear that and insists on what he was looking for, Fernanda replies that she was looking for him to show him that the fear is gone, and that when they are close there will be no more fear, without shyness, without pretending.

Octavio receives a message from Rafael, who tells him that he will be with Brenda, waiting for Tsubaki to recover.

Fernanda assures César that Octavio likes her. But he is afraid that he will go back into his room.

Rigoberto hits Piero because Maria told him that he had what he wanted and left. Guilt that he found her in a brothel. But Piero tells him that he only slept on the floor, that, although it is not made of stone, he wants the moment to be beautiful.

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