The demonstration “Together for freedom” started in Brussels: “we need a policy which chooses to create links rather than to divide”

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Coronavirus measures polarize society and divide citizens, organizers say. “Fundamental rights are made conditional,” they say.

A previous demonstration organized by the same people on November 21 drew some 35,000 people. Violent riots broke out on the sidelines of the demonstration. Several hundred people were already present at the start of the demonstration on Sunday.

“I am happy to see so many people gathered here,” said organizer Ezra Armakye. “People from all walks of life and all faiths, coming together to make people understand that we will not tolerate the health pass.”

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“Together for Freedom brings together organizations and individuals from all over society,” he added. “Immunized and unvaccinated people, left to right, to get the message across that there needs to be a policy that chooses to bond rather than divide and polarize. A government that chooses supports instead of measures repressive. A society where no distinction is made between citizens A and B. “

According to the organizers, there is also a disproportionate fear of the coronavirus, which must be eliminated: “Other scientific visions must also be addressed, so that measures relating to the coronavirus can be balanced and supported. The current narrative has been scientifically overtaken at repeatedly and critical voices are filtered out. It is time for citizens to regain the confidence they recently lost in politics and to work together for a future where everyone feels at home. “

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