The Democratic Party assures: “M5s motion on weapons in Ukraine? We won’t break up.” But Boccia: “Anyone who emphasizes Atlanticism to the bitter end is in bad faith”

From the challenge on squaresbeyond the calls for unity, passing through the risk of tension in the Chamber on the motions on weapons and Ukraine, already scheduled in the Chamber for November 29th. On the front of the former ‘wide field’ between Pd and M5s, already split in the Policies and which will still find itself divided in the Lazio and Lombardy Regionals, the clash also continue in Parliament.

Former allies do just that chasing and marking each other. So after the challenge between Letta and Conte on the squares to be convened against the Meloni government maneuver (on December 17 the dem one, while the M5s president had similarly evoked the square to defend the Citizenship Income, ed), the next frictions risk revealing themselves in Montecitorio on the subject of Ukraine. After the announcement of a 5-star document which asks the government to go through Parliament before new shipments of weapons to Ukraine and to work towards negotiations, the Democratic Party will in turn present a motion. The reason? Lock down your parliamentarians and avoid rifts, among those who risk being ‘tempted’ to converge in the M5s motion.

“We will keep the clear position that we have had in recent months”, he cuts short Lorenzo Guerini, former defense minister. But even the leftmost wing of the party distances possible lacerations: “We will not split on that vote“, explain several dem MPs, including who, how Gianni Cuperlo, Marco Furfaro and not only that, he participated in the peace demonstration on November 5, when there was already tension between the dem and the M5s. “On Ukraine we have always had a coherent line, we have supported the resistance of Kiev, with a range of measures, including military support. And alongside this we are in favor of a diplomatic initiative from Europe involving the USA, China and Turkey, to put an end to this massacre. But we should all make the effort to avoid precipitating a tragedy of this kind into the controversy of our own backyard,” warns Cuperlo.

“The point is not what the 5 Stars will do, what matters is what is considered right to do. We must continue in our linecalling for an even stronger diplomatic effort,” he claims Matthew Orfini. While Senator Antonio Nicita adds: “It is not through motions that the result we have achieved is strengthened. Now we need to strengthen the European approach, be united, we don’t need to chase after principles to chase after the square. We must make an effort to really build a truce and then peace”. “If Europe were strong, the line would not be given by the United States. When I see some party colleagues who get the line from another country I get a little angry. All of this needs to be discussed in Parliament ”, he explains instead Francesco Bocciaconvinced, however, that a synthesis will be found in the party.

However, the tensions between oppositions remain, not only between the Pd and the M5s, but also with the Third Pole of Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda, who wants to discuss their proposals on the maneuver with Giorgia Meloni. “If there are pieces of the opposition who are preparing to act as a crutch for the executive, the problem is for the country”, there are those who attack, like Furfaro himself.

“I don’t understand some distinctions on the maneuver. I believe there is room to protest together, against a government that fights against the poor and favors tax evaders”, relaunches the vice president of the Chamber, Anna Ascani. While Cuperlo launches an appeal: “I don’t think we need a run-up on the squares. Assuming that all three opposition forces that lost the elections are still opposition forces, need to find the unit. Because the opponent, as always, is on the other side”.

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