The Delta variant has not yet said its last word with us: “For our hospitals, this must be taken into account!”

Yet biostatisticians had predicted that Omicron would account for 90% of infections by mid-December. It therefore seems that the Delta variant is resisting. “This means that around 15% of infections are caused by the Delta variant,” explains Dirk Ramaekers of the vaccination taskforce at Het Laatste Nieuws. “It’s not entirely clear yet, but it seems that the Delta is more pathogenic than Omicron. For our hospitals, this means that Delta still needs to be considered when considering the impact on our healthcare system. »

The next few weeks should bring us more clarity on the situation according to him. “Omicron started to rise very quickly and then leveled off a bit. It may well be that within a week or two we will find that the Omicron variant accounts for almost 100% of infections. »

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