The delicacies of Lake Geneva in jars

Lake Geneva is known for its perch, arctic char, feras, trout and pike. However, these fish, known for their taste virtues, only represent around 20% of the aquatic fauna that inhabits them. Originally from Camargue, Benoit Girardon became aware of this by becoming friends with several fishermen, in particular Christophe Liechtenstein, based in Noville. “Considered to be difficult to work with and therefore not very profitable, roaches (also called avengerons), bream, tench or even chub are thrown inert into the lake after having been fished. We had the idea of ​​reducing this waste by highlighting them in the form of spreadable creams ”, explains the founder of Lake Geneva terroir, based in Vevey.

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Chef in several French and French-speaking establishments, he was introduced to fishing and the knowledge of fish at a very young age by his uncle in the Gard. “It took me several attempts to develop this range inspired by brandade, a specialty from Nîmes made from cod. The idea is to use Swiss ingredients to stay in the logic of the land, ”he continues.

Aperitif delights

Made up of 80% roach, these bases are available according to different recipes: plain, smoked, with dill, candied lemon, with black garlic from Montreux, with organic saffron. Their texture, both solid and creamy, finer than a rillette, is perfect for rye bread or blinis. In addition to the spreads, the Terroir du Léman also offers three jars made from Léman crayfish. The first presents them shelled, in brine. The second contains a reduction that accompanies fish-based dishes, such as ravioli, quenelles or simply pan-fried fillets, even a roast chicken supreme or a risotto in the spirit of land and sea. The third contains a soup to eat as a soup or with steamed potatoes and pieces of fish in the spirit of bouillabaisse.

Along with this assortment on sale in around thirty French-speaking grocery stores, the company cooks other products from the lake fishing intended for catering, including ravioli, fish mousselines or quenelles with four fish.

The Land of Lake Geneva. For sale online and in many points of sale in French-speaking Switzerland.

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