The Dear Afternoon Session Is on Disney Plus! 10 80s Classics to Relive That Special Time

Sessão da Tarde was a program that trained film lovers, especially in the 1980s and 1990s. For an entire generation, the daytime program on Globo (and its counterparts on SBT, for example) was responsible for introducing some of the biggest hits of the seventh art, at a time that even precedes video rental stores – which was part of the transition to adolescence for a large portion of the public, after all, you had to know how to use the video cassette to rent the tapes. Therefore, children of the time simply turned on the television and watched the programming, thus getting to know some of the most popular films of the time. That’s why the Afternoon Session is so special and dear to those who grew up in this era.

Today, younger people rely on streaming platforms to watch movies any day and any time. And who knows what will come tomorrow in terms of the relationship between moviegoers and movies. Following this path of nostalgia, we have gathered 10 classic productions from the 80s that made their mark on Sessão da Tarde (or similar programs on open TV) and that are currently available to be watched on Disney+ – the streaming platform of the largest studio in Hollywood cinema. It is the union of two worlds, past and future joining hands in favor of nostalgia. And you can’t miss it. Check it out below and get ready to go back in time.

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In the year 1988, there are at least five comedies very dear to the general public that had never had a sequel. They are: The Ghosts Have Fun (Beetlejuice), A Prince in New York, Twin Brothers, I Want to Be Great and this Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The first to drop the bandwagon was Eddie Murphy’s African prince comedy, which won a sequel in 2021. Twin Brothers and Beetlejuice also promise sequels, leaving only two. Today, it might be impossible to replicate the feat of mixing Disney and Warner properties in a single production as done here with Mickey, Bugs Bunny and their gang. It would be like putting Marvel and DC together. Other than that, the work of Robert Zemeckis, who was with everything at the time, coming out of the timeless Back to the Future, still broke the barrier with his revolutionary special effects, which mix animation with real actors like never before.

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Speaking of Disney live-action, one of Disney’s biggest hits of the late ’80s was this family-friendly comedy starring Rick Moranis. The missing actor plays a bumbling scientist who develops a machine capable of reducing anything to minuscule size, many years before Hank Pym in the Ant-Man franchise. His children and the neighbor’s children end up accidentally becoming the target of the dangerous machine and being reduced to the size of small insects. With this premise the adventure begins. The film also yielded a direct sequel, where the new baby of the family is enlarged to an enormous size, and a third part released direct to video. The good news is that Moranis will return in the reboot that serves as a direct continuation of the original, directed by the same Joe Johnston.

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This cult classic from the 80’s was rerun champion on SBT in the period. The big idea behind the production was the use of revolutionary special effects for the time, which already had computer graphics to convey the plot of a video game programmer who ends up sucked into one of his games and has to go through it there. several trials until he was released. Starring, a young Jeff Bridges. The cult gained a legion of fans at the height of the video stores, and 28 years later it would gain its direct continuation with TRON – O Legado (2010). It is said that a third part is in development to be starred by Jared Leto, with a promised premiere for 2025.

Currently there is a great tendency in Hollywood to bet on nostalgia. This translates to reviving titles from the past today, whether through a late sequel, whether through a TV series based on the film, or that continues its story, or through reshoots and reboots. With Willow, the option was for a TV series that serves as a sequel to her cult film – as well as Cobra Kai and the Karate Kid franchise. The original Willow, a fantasy adventure written and produced by George Lucas, directed by Ron Howard and starring Val Kilmer, was not the great success expected, but it had its fans becoming cult. The new show features Howard as a producer and continues the story of the same title character, played by Warwick Davis.

It would be really cool if Disney found some way to get the sequel to Splash off the ground. The chances of that happening are remote, it’s true, but dreaming costs nothing. Even more so if we take into account that the studio is committed to the success of another mermaid, Ariel from the animated classic The Little Mermaid, now in a version with real actors. Here, however, five years before his most famous mermaid hit the screens in the form of beloved animation, Daryl Hannah was the one who played the mythological figure that is the mixture of woman and fish, in the novel directed by… look at that, Ron Howard – the same as above. This is just to show the importance of the filmmaker for the time. Ah yes, we still had a Tom Hanks as the protagonist, an artist who had his 15 minutes of fame with this film and then disappeared completely. By the way, what happened to him?

You may not remember it, and newer ones certainly won’t, but the classic comedy Three Men and a Baby was the top-grossing film at the North American box office 36 years ago. The world stopped to see and laugh at the misadventures of three inveterate bachelors, who just wanted to know how to enjoy life and women, having to play the “mother” when a baby appears without warning on their doorstep. Coming out of successes such as the Magnum series, Cheers and the films Police Madness in cinema, Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg were the three men of the title, in the film that became an icon of the Afternoon Session. What many may not know is that it is a remake of a 1985 French production, and that success spawned the sequel Three Bachelors and a Little Lady in 1990.

In the same year, exactly 36 years ago, a teen comedy also premiered that everyone who grew up at the time remembers well. Adventure Night capitalized on the success of Elizabeth Shue, who three years earlier had participated in The Karate Kid and would later go on to work in films such as Cocktail and the sequel Back to the Future – Part 2. Here, Shue is Chris Parker, a young woman working as a nanny for a family as usual, taking care of a teenager and a little girl. The twist occurs when she needs to “rescue” a friend at the bus station, in the center of the city, and needs to take her brothers and a friend of theirs with her. The gang will experience one chaotic situation after another. The most curious thing, however, is that the film changed its name after entering the Disney+ platform, now being called Uma Aventura de Babás. Do you also prefer the original title?

This being a list of tips with Disney productions, it is clear that we could not do without an animation from the studio, which has a true pantheon of works of the genre, some of the most celebrated of the seventh art. The one we chose to compose the article was one of the most obscure and little talked about in the house’s collection – from an era when the studio did not record the successes we are used to today. After the 1960s, Disney would go through almost three decades of productions, let’s say, less memorable and beloved by the public at the time, a dark phase that would only change in the late 80s. The Magic Cauldron was considered at the time the darkest and scariest animation from the house, keeping away its target public, the children. In the plot, a young man needs to prevent a demonic sorcerer from creating an army of the undead in a medieval fantasy land. This is a cult project that deserved a sequel.

The year 1988 is full of the most different twins in the seventh art. After Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in the Universal Pictures comedy, Twins; Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin also showed that they could be twins who had nothing to do physically in this comedy that was very successful in reruns on open TV at the time, but that few people know about today. Midler returned to the mouths of fans thanks to the sequel Abracadabra 2 released almost 30 years after the original. And Lily Tomlin is no stranger to younger ones either, thanks to the Netflix series Grace & Frankie. The two play two characters in the film, twins who were switched at the maternity ward, a pair of rich people from the city and another from the countryside.

You’ve probably noticed that we didn’t feature some of the most famous movies from the 80s now in the Disney+ library: the Star Wars franchise. I’m talking specifically about The Empire Strikes Back, released in 1980, and Return of the Jedi, released in 1983. Yes, it’s true, it’s hard to talk about the 80s without mentioning Star Wars. But it turns out that recommending Star Wars is almost redundant by this point, it’s become commonplace. After all, is there still someone you don’t know, or haven’t seen? In any case, we thought it better to indicate a production that maybe not everyone knows about, but that belongs to the same universe. Launched exactly one year after the end of the original trilogy in 1983, Caravan of Courage showed an adventure of the bears known as Ewoks, which had captivated children at the time. The film did not have the same impact, but it was not forgotten by the platform, as well as its sequel, The Battle of Endor (1985), also available.

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