The dead sister of the actor Petr Štěpánek Kristina (†71): 20 YEARS OF FIGHTING CANCER!

Kristina married her half-sister, actress Jana Štěpánek (†84) and her brother, actor and politician Martin Štěpánek (†63). The last of the sibling quartet, an actor Petr Stepanek (74), an orphan.

A great warrior

Taberyova she loved life. She never complained, she didn’t allow herself to feel sorry for herself, few people around her knew about the disease. “She was the bravest and most wonderful person I’ve ever met,” her son, journalist Erik Tabery (45), wrote touchingly about his mother. He was the one driving mom to chemotherapy. “She was fighting cancer, she simply decided with her stubbornness to start treatment. The disease was coming back, she was fighting again. But she herself said it was worth it,” Erik confided. That brave fight lasted 20 years…

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She knew about love

Unfortunately, fate came true a week ago. The director died in her sleep, as she wished. “So the pain is huge, but purely selfish because we don’t have it here. She had a beautiful life. And I have to say that knowing that she left knowing about our love is a huge relief,” the son wrote on the social network. The last farewell to Kristina Taberyová takes place today from 1:40 p.m. in the New Ceremonial Hall in Olšany, Prague.

Sad i Macháčková

Actress Kateřina Macháčková (73) recalled Kristina. “I’ve known Kristina, Petr and Martin since I was young. Then, in the early nineties, we rehearsed the Play about King David together at the Theater under Palmovka. We tortured her enough,” confided Aha! teacher Králová from the series Life in the Castle. “Since then, Kristina and I have been in contact through the social network. I suspected that she might have some problem, but her death took me by surprise. The whole family is very close to me, despite my dad. I am very sad,” admitted the daughter of the director and actor Miroslav Macháček (†68).

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