The DC actor who will star in the Netflix Spy Kids reboot


The Robert Rodriguez franchise will have a new version in the streaming giant. He knows what the project is about and who the cast members are.

Spy Kids returns with a reboot on Netflix.
© IMDbSpy Kids returns with a reboot on Netflix.

speaking of spy kids, an entire generation remembers the 2001 film starring Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara. However, that production written and directed by Robert Rodriguez is about to return to the screen to enter the homes of the smallest and the nostalgic who crave a new version. As will be? Via Netflix and with an actor DC Comics as protagonist.

More than 20 years have passed since the film hit theaters. The film unfolds the story of an ordinary marriage that, in reality, is a pair of international spies. When a villain kidnaps them, their children will try to save their lives in an action-packed adventure. In this way, the story stole the hearts of children back then. And its director will not waste the opportunity to present it to a new generation.

For that, the franchise chose Zachary Levi as the great figure of the next Netflix movie and Skydance. the actor of Shazam! returns after the DC phenomenon to lead another film full of scenes where the dangers and challenges are the center of attention. He will not do it alone, since Deadline confirmed that they will join the cast Gina Rodriguez, Everly Cargonilla and Connor Esterson.

Robert Rodriguez will be in charge of writing, directing and producing the film, being the second family genre film in conjunction with Netflix. It is that in 2020 he premiered We Can Be Heroes on the platform and it was an undisputed success. For his part, Racer Max will collaborate on the script for spy kids, as originally titled. This new chapter promises to respect the original essence of the 2001 film, providing a much more modern story.

What will it be about? the reboot of spy kids begins when the children of the world’s best secret agents innocently help a new villain. It is about a powerful game developer who manages to release a computer virus that gives him control of all technology. In this way, they must reverse the situation to save not only their parents, but also the world. An unmissable in the streaming giant!

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