The day Altair Jarabo defended Alejandra Espinoza during an interview

Warrior heart” is one of TelevisaUnivision’s most important bets for 2022, achieving good numbers in its premiere and remaining as leader in your time zonestanding very close to “No man’s wife”, which is broadcast in prime time.

And it is that the production, a new version of the Argentine telenovela “brave”, marks the debut of the winner of the contest “Our Latin Beauty 2007″, Alejandra Espinoza, in the soap operas in the leading role, along with Marcus Ornellas.

However, the inclusion of the young model was not without controversy, since Espinoza’s career was in driving, being her first time acting with a leading role.

“Warring Heart” was Alejandra Espinoza’s first experience as a protagonist. (Photo: Alejandra Espinoza / Instagram)


Recently, Alejandra Espinoza recalled that, while the promos for “Warrior heart”, the cast appeared on the radio program “Fórmula Espectacular” and a reporter asked him about his experience in soap operas.

They are doing an interview with me in Mexico and between the desire to cause discord and to be mean or make me feel bad, the journalist probably tells me: ‘And what does it feel like what people say that you don’t deserve the leading role or that there are women more prepared than you or with more experience?‘” he indicated.

The model pointed out that at that moment she felt nervous about such a direct question, and it was there that her partner Altair Jarabowho in the novel plays the villain, came to her defense.

Altair jumped into the reply and defended me in such a beautiful way. We had already worked, we had already recorded and he started saying that I was a professional, such cool things that made me want to cry a lot because nobody has to do that for you”, highlighted the first winner of the “Our Latin Beauty”.

The truth could have remained silent and that for me had a lot of value”, he highlighted.

Despite identifying herself as a villain, roles that she has played for most of her career, the truth is that the actress exhibited a show of camaraderie that surprised Espinoza, who has been grateful.

When Altair did that, stopped the journalist dead in his tracks and told him: ‘No, wait for me a little bit…’ and he began to speak well of me, of work, the truth is that I was very surprised”, he confessed.

Finally, Aníbal Marrero’s partner took the opportunity to send a message to his castmate: “Anything, whatever you need Altair, we are at your service, she already knows”.

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