The daughter of Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero, in tears after meeting Emilia Mernes: the video

On Friday, September 23, Emilia Mernes gave his first concert as a soloist in a stadium and her boyfriend, Duki, he surprised her with a bouquet of flowers while they were singing a song together. However, the artist was not the only one who was excited since One of the daughters of Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero also did it when she met her idol.

Allegra Cubero she was accompanied to her father’s show, Mica Viciconte and her sisters. At the end of the show, The family came to greet the artist and the teenager could not hold back her tears. There, not only was the heiress of the model excited, but also the former footballer.

Fabian Cubero he was very grateful for this opportunity and wrote: “Surprises that fill your soul. I really enjoyed seeing the happiness and emotion on their faces”. And I add: “We make a great team, Mica” Mentioning your partner.

Likewise, Nicole Neumann’s daughters also had the opportunity to meet Dukithe boyfriend of Emilia Mernes. In the video published by the former athlete, you can see how the singer comforts Allegra Cubero for the emotion he had upon meeting her.

Mica Viciconte, Fabián Cubero and their daughters during the Emilia Mernes concert.

During the last week, the daughters of nicole neumann They were very distressed by the loss of shiva, who finally appeared drowned near her home. That is why this outing improved the mood of the minors.

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