The daughter of a businessman is the victim of abduction! They threatened her with a gun and death!

The drama that unfolded last Friday was reminiscent of the wild 90s. “The men first followed the woman and then blocked her on the road with their cars. One of them pulled out a 6 mm revolver,” said police spokesman Pavel Šváb. The frightened driver locked herself in the car, but one of the kidnappers pulled out a revolver and broke the glass in the side window. He then sprayed pepper spray inside, pointed a gun at the woman and threatened to kill her.

They aimed a revolver at the woman.

At that moment, two men drove by in a car. The kidnappers hurried to close the doors of their cars so that they could pass. The woman took advantage of this, ran outside and jumped into the men’s car. They ran to safety with her and lent her a cell phone so she could call the police. They saved her life. Detectives caught the kidnappers after a few hours in Vysočina.

The motive was debt

According to the police, the woman became the object of the kidnapping because her father did not pay off a multi-million dollar debt to his creditor. This was indirectly confirmed by the two arrested kidnappers. Although the criminals did not manage to finish the kidnapping, they will probably spend a long time behind bars. “If found guilty, the sentence in this case is 5 to 12 years,” explained a police spokesman. He declined to provide further details in light of the ongoing investigation.

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