The date of the Kevin Spacey trial is in place

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Hollywood star Kevin Spacey, 62, who has been formally charged with four counts of sexually assaulting three different men, is due to appear in court soon.

The trial against the actor will take place in Westminster Magistrates’ courtroom on Thursday 16 June.

It writes BBCwhich also reports that prosecutors will follow a review of evidence gathered by the Metropolitan Police.

It is also not long ago that Kevin Spacey, through his spokesman, confirmed that he would voluntarily appear in court.

“I appreciate the opinion of the Crown Prosecution Service, which lovingly reminds the press and the public that I have the right to a fair trial and that I am innocent until proven guilty,” he said. he to Good Morning America.

‘Although I am disappointed with their decision to proceed with the case, I will voluntarily go to England as soon as possible so that I can defend myself against this charge, which I am sure will prove my innocence. «

Kevin Spacey is charged with four counts of sexual assault against a total of three men in the period 2005 to 2013.

‘Star Trek’ actor Anthony Rapp emerged in 2017 as the first with allegations of abuse. This was followed by a series of accusations from both men and women about similar experiences with Kevin Spacey.

It then caused Netflix to cut ties with the actor and write him out of the final season of the hit series ‘House of Cards’.

Anthony Rapp claimed at the time that Kevin Spacey raped him during a party when Rapp was just 14 years old, while Spacey was 26 years old.

When Rapp initially went public with his accusation, Kevin Spacey issued a press release in which he said he did not remember the meeting but that he would still apologize.

Another plaintiff claimed that he met Kevin Spacey during an acting course, and that the actor repeatedly invited the then teenager back to his apartment, where Spacey should have attempted a sexual assault on the plaintiff’s last visit.

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