The dark side of Hanychová’s new relationship: I’m afraid of him, she says

Model, presenter at influencer Agáta Hanychová (35) shines with happiness. She blossomed alongside a new partner, Surgeon Andrei. However, her last statement made the fans a little uneasy, as she admitted that she was afraid of her friend. What’s that supposed to mean?

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According to Hanych but it is so right, because after a long time she met a man who arouses the desired respect in her. “After a long time, he is a man I can respect for what he does. He is very intelligent. So far, I haven’t taken my relationships very seriously. I am very free-spirited and for the first time this is a man whom I respect immensely and at the same time I am afraid of. I haven’t experienced that yet, “said Agata.

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He is currently enjoying a new show business couple in the Tatras. “I love Slovakia and I love the Tatras. I’m so glad to be back. But I’ve always been here for work. For the first time, it’s a holiday, so I’m enjoying it with everything, “Agáta said.

In addition, Andrej is Slovak, which Hanychová herself had no idea for a long time, because she says she speaks Czech, but according to Aguš it is a pity, Slovak seems sexy to her.

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