The danger of dengue has increased in the changing season, keep yourself healthy with the help of these health tips

When the monsoon arrives, it also gives relief from the summer. But this comfort becomes overwhelming for us when some of our activities start causing diseases. Among those diseases, the problem of dengue is spreading very fast today. Dengue often thrives in stagnant water. It is spread through the bite of Aedes mosquito infected with dengue virus. During this, there may be a problem of severe headache, fatigue, breathlessness, vomiting, even nausea.

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One of the best ways to prevent dengue is to not allow mosquitoes to breed in stagnant water and to avoid mosquito bites. It is also important to follow certain dietary and lifestyle habits for a faster recovery.

What should you do during this?

It is necessary to rest Dr Diksha Bhavsar, a specialist in Ayurveda, said through her Instagram post, ‘The patient needs adequate rest to recover and improve his immunity, which prevents the problem from becoming severe.’

water intake- Drink at least 3-4 liters of water throughout the day. Consume fruit juice (without sugar). The doctor also mentioned that consuming fluids like buttermilk, coconut water, fennel water, fresh fruit juices without added sugar can prove beneficial.

Foods that reduce the effect of dengue- You should eat citrus fruits like gooseberry, kiwi, orange and pineapple. Also eat pomegranate and papaya. Doctors tell that apart from this, vegetable soup should also be consumed. Eat light food at home like khichdi and moong dal soup. Avoid wheat rotis, but jowar rotis can be eaten, as they are light to digest. Do not consume processed and fast food at all.

What are effective treatments

Drink papaya leaf juice (20 ml twice/thrice a day). It is best for improving platelets. To reduce its bitterness, you can consume it by adding a little honey to it. Giloy juice along with amla and wheatgrass juice also helps in increasing the immunity of the patient and improving platelets.

Some important habits and routine improvement- Do sit for some time in the morning sun and do some exercise as well. This can be a better option to keep you fresh.

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Note: The above article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional regarding your health or any medical condition.

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