The Danes want to remove titles from the Crown Prince couple’s children: ‘It has backfired’

30 percent of those questioned in a YouGov survey carried out for BT believe that the Crown Prince couple’s children should also have their titles removed.

Since the Royal House announced that Prince Joachim’s children will lose their titles from 2023, Mary stated that they will also look at the titles of Frederik and her children:

“We will also look at our children’s titles when the time comes,” Mary said on September 30.

And that, almost every third Dane agrees, is a good idea.

The investigation is causing a stir, says BT’s royal correspondent, Jacob Heinel Jensen.

Because even though it is only one in three respondents who believe that the titles should be removed, it is nevertheless startling when you look at the fact that the Royal Family and the Crown Prince Couple’s family are so popular with the Danes.

“This study is really interesting. The fact that the royal house has announced that the royal house must be slimmer is something the Danes buy into. I can’t help but think that when Mary aired the idea it was a free round or a song from the warm countries that you would look at the titles, but now we are in a situation where the Danes think it is a good idea,’ he says and continues:

“Now they may have to look at the titles, because there is support among the Danes.”

The Danes support the children losing their title.
Photo: Bax Lindhardt

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And the expert is not sure that the Crown Prince Couple are completely satisfied with that.

“I don’t know if they think that is the best idea. When we have followed up, they have not come up with anything concrete, but when the Danes want it, then at some point they have to answer when they think it should happen.’

Crown Princess Mary herself has opened the dialogue, and therefore Jacob Heinel Jensen also believes that the couple can look forward to the question of the children’s titles for many years to come.

“It will be a question they will be asked for many years to come. If you have tried a free spin, it has backfired. There is support for a slimmer royal house, and they must deal with that,’ he believes.

1,248 Danes from the YouGov panel have in the period 11-15. November 2022 the answer to the following questions:

‘On that basis, how much do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine must, like Prince Joachim’s children, be stripped of their prince and princess titles.’

Strongly disagree: 13 percent

Partly disagree: 12 percent

Neither agree nor disagree: 31 percent

Partially agree: 14 percent

Totally agree: 18 percent

Don’t know: 13 percent

Source: YouGov for BT: The sum does not add up to 100 per cent due to rounding.

However, BT’s expert doubts whether it will be a good idea for the Danish royal family if too many titles in the royal family are removed.

“You probably have to be careful about diluting the royal house by removing the titles, because then you de facto say that they are nothing special anymore.”

However, he does not believe that the Crown Prince Couple will take back the comment or say that they will not look at the titles anyway.

“I can’t imagine anything other than that they will freewheel for a while and then say, we will take it in the future. You’re not going to make a U-turn – then we’ll have to see how long they think it’s fun to answer the same questions. And we must remember that they opened this ball themselves,’ it says.

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