The Danes want to get rid of the titles for the Crown Prince Couple’s children

In a Yougov survey carried out for BT, 30 percent of the Danes surveyed agree that the titles should be removed from the Crown Prince couple’s children.

It was Crown Princess Mary herself who brought up that in the future they will also look at her and Crown Prince Frederik’s children’s titles.

“We will also look at our children’s titles when the time comes,” Mary said on September 30.

The announcement came after the Royal House announced that Prince Joachim’s children will lose their prince and princess titles from 2023.

BT’s royal correspondent, Jacob Heinel Jensen, said at the time that it was a ‘free round’ for the Crown Princess.

“It is only perhaps and in the future that the Crown Prince’s children may lose their titles, and that is very airy to say at this time,” he said.

From associate professor in history at the University of Southern Denmark, Michael Bregnsbo, the assessment was:

“The announcement was clearly an attempt to limit damage, but it is not terribly surprising that the change does not only affect Prince Joachim’s children.”

The family has been through something of a crisis since the announcement.
Photo: Ida Marie Odgaard

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Both Michael Bregnsbo and historian and royal house expert Lars Hovbakke agreed that the table captures:

“Now that she has said it, it will happen,” says Michael Bregnsbo, while Lars Hovbakke added:

“It’s not something she can ‘just’ say. She cannot pull ashore in the coming years.’

1248 Danes from the YouGov panel have in the period 11-15. November 2022 the answer to the following questions:

‘On that basis, how much do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine must, like Prince Joachim’s children, be stripped of their prince and princess titles.’

Strongly disagree: 13 percent

Partly disagree: 12 percent

Neither agree nor disagree: 31 percent

Partially agree: 14 percent

Totally agree: 18 percent

Don’t know: 13 percent

Source: YouGov for BT: The sum does not add up to 100 per cent due to rounding.

The survey also shows that it is the age group 60-74 percent who primarily want the children to get rid of the titles.

In BT’s survey, the Danes also considered that Prince Christian’s eldest sister Isabella should also lose her title.

Lars Hovbakke has previously rejected this as a possibility.

“You can easily slim down the Royal House by, for example, looking at the twins’ titles. It would be similar to the process underway in other European royal houses,” said the historian, who found it difficult to imagine Princess Isabella losing her princess title:

“I don’t think it will affect her, because titles are needed at the top of the succession,” it read.

Since the announcement from Mary, the royal family has not answered when they will look at the children’s titles.

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