The Danes have spoken: Here is the most popular ‘Wild with dance’ judge

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‘Wild with dance’ is of course first and foremost about the new dancers and what happens on the floor.

But no one can deny that the five judges also have an ability to run with their share of attention.

Therefore, BT has asked the Danes if they like Britt Bendixen, Nikolaj Hübbe, Anne Laxholm, Marianne Eihilt or Jens Werner the best.

And it’s a close race – in fact so close that victory must be shared.

Out of YouGov’s 1096 respondents, it is the only judge who has been a dancer in the program, namely Marianne Eihilt, and Jens Werner, who gets the first place.

They do so with 16 percent of the vote each.

Just behind them, with 14 percent of the vote, come Anne Laxholm and Nikolaj Hübbe.

It leaves us with the raisin in the sausage end, which in this context is called Britt Bendixen.

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Only ten percent of respondents have pointed to her as the favorite judge.

We are left with well over a third who do not know which of the five are their favorite judges.

If we dive further into the numbers, we can see that Anne Laxholm especially has a star among the program’s oldest viewers aged 75 and up, as this is a full 28 percent who have her as the favorite. Jens Werner is down to eight percent.

However, he wins what is lost in the age group from 18-29, where the long-standing judge is the favorite with as many as 21 percent – and here Anne Laxholm is in turn all the way down to six percent.

For next season, viewers will – presumably – get a new judge to deal with, as Britt Bendixen has announced that the current season will be her last.

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