The Czechia was hit by a series of family tragedies: WHY DO PARENTS KILL CHILDREN?!

Instead of sledding, little Adamek (†3) was led to his death by his mother Jana K. (†40). She strangled the boy near Růzová hora in Pec pod Sněžkou. Then she hanged herself. The incomprehensible case of the murderous mother is the latest in last year’s series of child victims following disputes between their parents. In the Czech Republic, it was started in April by a truck driver (31) in Loučka in the Vsetín region. He killed his wife (†32), three small children with a knife and finally blew up the house. He survived and is awaiting the verdict of the court.

The August massacre in the house in Rožnov followed. A city police official (†49) shot his partner (†35), two little girls (†6 and †4) and finally himself in his sleep. According to the locals, he was extremely jealous. Disagreements with her husband (†43), whom she said she wanted to divorce, also cost Pavlín (†39) and two little girls with their lives in Měšice near Prague in September. The man was supposed to lose his job and appear yelled at. He shot his loved ones and then turned the gun on himself. In November, the massacre of a family by the bike path shook Prague’s Čakovice again. A city policeman (†40) shot his partner (†32), his son (†2) and finally himself there. It is said that the family agreed to the crime out of desperation. The reason was supposed to be the child’s serious illness.

Without ceremony

The parents of Jana’s mother (†40) are experiencing enormous grief. They suddenly lost their daughter and grandson and still refuse to believe the tragedy. “I can’t explain it, she must have been bad,” said Aha! her devastated mother. Every other mention brought tears to her eyes. “There will be no ceremony. The husband is in a bad way. We want to close it quietly. That’s how we agreed with the relatives,” she added quietly.

Adamek (†3) was honored with candles

Lighted candles and stuffed animals have been appearing in front of the entrance to the apartment building in Horoměřice near Prague since Tuesday evening. It was here that Adámek (†3), whose mother Jana (†40) murdered him last week before taking her own life, was supposed to live here in the partners’ shared apartment until recently. Neighbors affected by the terrible tragedy remember his memory.

People created a place of worship in front of Adamek’s house.

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