The curious expression of a cat that just seems to realize what it means to be a mother

On Instagram, a cat of China has surprised everyone in this red social with his particular like funny expression What happened? The pussycat, surrounded by her litter of kittens, looks scared to the side as they play around her; The feline, it seems, seems to have just realized what it means to be a mother, as well as the responsibility of taking care of so many babies.

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Combining fear, compression, resignation and exhaustion they are mixed at the same time in a series of gestures when seeing the reality that surrounds her that, perhaps for most of us it is a synonym of pure tenderness, but for this cat, it probably means the opposite.

The video shows her lying down, and around her are seven baby kittens who act cutest around their mom, but one of these stands out because it is doing acrobatics on top of its mother’s head, which generates a frightened expression in the feline.

Cat surprised by the onslaught of motherhood

And it is that despite four are apparently asleep, another three are mischievous to which the cat must be alert, with evident fatigue of being aware of the kittens, whose face seems to beg for a bit of tranquility, which is heard by the loving hand of his master who caresses his face and it lulls into it.

Users fascinated with the cat’s reaction

On platforms like Instagram, this video, for example, carries more than 2 million 399 thousand 002 views, while, on other platforms such as Twitter, the footage has been shared more than 51 thousand times, as well as accumulating figures higher than 355 thousand I like.

Some of the most recurring comments, once the video became popular, were: “One of my favorite image genres is cats that don’t seem ready for the realities of parenthood.”.

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