The Cuckoo sequel will bring big twists: The heroes have to grit their teeth

It’s not exactly ideal because their lives are very different. Some have to grit their teeth a lot. It might seem that the topic was exhausted by the first episode of the series, but that is far from the case. “As we can imagine, the situation that started their life’s somersault doesn’t really have a right solution, even if everyone will try to do it,” adds Bobiňski.

Remundova about directing mom

Actress Marta Dancigerová also threw herself into the career of a writer between the filming of two series. She wrote the book The Daredevil. She was sorry that the media and social networks admire only exceptional individuals. “There are about three percent of them. What about the bulletproof ones that don’t go anywhere? The other ninety seven percent? The book is about them. At the same time, they can inspire even those with the self-confidence of Kilimanjaro with humility and modesty.” Dancingerová says to that.

Rather, it irons out troubles

She played the mother of one of the boys Marta Dancingerová(30). Although she irons diligently in the series, in reality she does not like this activity very much. “I don’t even have a board at home! When I rarely iron, I do so on two blankets on the floor. I definitely iron slop better than clothes. Mostly I try to do it with insight and humor, or surprise, that’s disarming.” Marta revealed her tricks.

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