The cruel truth about Zagorova: If I wanted to lie, I would say …

The singer was released from the hospital last Friday, but has not yet won. However, she appreciates the fact that she can be by the side of her caring husband at home. She sings the same ode to the doctors who took care of her, but she is at home at home. “It’s different when I wake up at home than when I wake up and they take my blood, that’s incomparable.” explains Hana Zagorová.

On the day the singer was released from the hospital, the couple celebrated a pearl wedding. However, due to the circumstances, it was not a big celebration. Surprisingly, it didn’t bother the singer at all. “Stefan drank a glass of prosecco and I only drank once. It was perfect. We celebrate every day by being together. Having such a good person next to me is wonderful, I have an amazing man. “ quotes Hank of CNN Prima News.

Hana Zagorová openly: Another disease is taking its toll!

The fact that Hanča’s condition is better is also proved by the fact that she did not forget her fans, whom she would like to perform in front of. There is even a new album in the solution! “I was thinking about the songs yesterday and it’s on track.” Zagor revealed. Of course, they don’t feel like performing in front of an audience yet. “If I want to lie, I’ll say that everything is great and sensational and I can do a concert tomorrow. But this is not the case yet. I’m fighting and it’s getting better and better. “ Hanka Zagorová ignited a glimmer of hope.

Hanka Zagorová turned out over time: He sent a message to the creators of his musical!

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