The Crown: What King Charles really thinks of his Season 5 actor

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Netflix released the fifth season of The Crown and, with a new actor in the role of Prince Charles, the question arises: how did King Charles himself react to his interpreter? We have an answer – in terms.

The Netflix series is known for changing actors every two seasons. The time jumps employed by the series, in order to cover the entire reign of Queen Elizabeth II, invariably lead to the aging of the characters.

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Season 5 has generated a lot of talk so far, and many people have a lot to say about Dominic West’s performance as the young King Charles.

Fans have noted that the handsome West might be too handsome to play the king, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the season’s story, which is by no means lighthearted.

“For Charles, Diana, Camilla and the rest of the royal family, West agrees that the season portrays ‘probably the most tumultuous period of their lives, a period when people remember more than ever.’ In the early 1990s, the royal family faced scandal after scandal, especially with the public breakdown of Charles and Diana’s unhappy marriage making tabloid headlines.

What did King Charles think of his recantation?

Before taking on the role, West received a message from King Charles’ secretary, and it carried a message that he feels came from the king himself.

According to Dominic West, the message from the king’s secretary read: “Do what you want, you are an actor. It has nothing to do with us.”

West believes King Charles himself felt the same way, and that should be liberating for the actor. There must have been a lot of pressure to take on the role and knowing that everyone was okay with it may have made him more relaxed.

Time will tell how King Charles interprets West’s performance, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he voiced his concerns about it. That’s what happened some time ago with Prince Philip, who wanted to sue the show over its representation.

The Crown is available from Netflix🇧🇷

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