The Crown: relatives of the royal family could file a complaint against the series

For 5 years now, “The Crown” has been one of the essential series on the Netflix platform. However, the show, which portrays the life of Elizabeth II and those close to the royal family season after season, would start to heat the ears of some. To the point that very serious legal attacks could be launched against the series.

The Crown : Long live The Queen

It has now been 69 years since Elizabeth II reigned over the British Kingdom. An absolutely crazy longevity which obviously leads many fictions to be inspired by his life. Among them, we obviously find The Crown which premiered on Netflix on November 4, 2016. Inspired by the movie The Queen (who saw Helen Mirren brilliantly embody the charismatic Queen), the series aims to cover several important periods in the life of the sovereign. The particularity of the series is that it renews its cast every two seasons. Thus, Claire Foy played a young Elizabeth II during the first two seasons, while Olivia Colman took over the role for seasons 3 and 4. For seasons 5 and 6 (which will be the last of the series), Imelda Staunton will play the character.

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Since he started, The Crown is one of the standard bearers of Netflix when it comes to being recognized by her peers during the most prestigious ceremonies. Indeed, the series is acclaimed for the quality of its casting, the beauty of its staging, the quality of its writing and the fidelity of its historical representation.

However, on the Windsors side, the reception has always been particularly cold vis-à-vis the series. If initially the royal family did not really wish to comment, approve or deny the events described in The Crown, on the other hand, she was more talkative during season 4. Indeed, the latter involves Lady Diana, whose existence as well as her death plunged the Queen’s reign into one of its worst crises.

Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Debicki) – The Crown ©Netflix

Enough is enough

While for season 4, Secretary of State Oliver Dowden had put pressure on Netflix by asking them to add a warning to each episode (to make it clear that it was fictional), it would seem that relatives of the royal family want to go further. Thus, according to The Sun, some would have already approached their lawyers, with the aim of taking legal action in the event of alleged defamation.

I have to say that this season 5 smells strongly of powder. Indeed, several heavy subjects will be discussed: the terrible year 1992 experienced by the Royal family, the divorce between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, and the death of the latter (as well as its fallout). The Sun also reports the statements of a source:

Friends of the royal family have sought legal advice. The advice they received would also apply to the royal family. While this is not a direct legal opinion given to the Queen and her family, they have been made aware of this advice.

Fearing for their reputation, the relatives and friends of the Queen therefore prepared the weapons. Because unlike the previous episodes which dealt with older affairs, this season 5 will focus on issues that are still burning, and on which characters close to the Windsors are still alive. Better to prepare, for them

Prince William turned upside down on the series

This season 5 does not intend to annoy those close to the royal family. Prince William himself sees a very bad eye future episodes of The Crown. And for good reason, the series intends to address the famous controversial interview with Diana Spencer given to journalist Martin Bashir in 1995. An entire episode will even be devoted to him. During this interview, the late princess had in particular publicly disclosed the infidelities of her husband.

According to Prince William, this affair had not only harmed his parents (precipitating their divorce at the same time), but he always viewed this interview as spurious and manipulative. He had, moreover, expressly requested that this passage never be mentioned, broadcast or marketed. So it looks like Netflix is ​​looking to challenge him.

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You understood it: this season 5 will therefore be eagerly awaited, including its detractors. Response in 2022.

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