The Crown: Is it true that King Charles breakdanced?

Season 5 of The Crown characterizes Charles as a modern guy, willing to do anything to revitalize the monarchy. The Prince, for example, ends the 5th episode break dancing with a group of young people. The scene caught the attention of many Netflix subscribers! Therefore, the public wants to know: did this unusual moment happen in real life?

“Diana and Charles wage a tabloid war, and the role of the monarchy begins to be questioned. It looks like the 1990s will bring challenges for Queen Elizabeth,” states the official synopsis for The Crown season 5.

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In the new episodes, Imelda Staunton (Harry Potter) gives life to Queen Elizabeth II. The cast also includes Jonathan Pryce (Game of Thrones), Dominic West (The Wire), Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gatsby) and Lesley Manville (Harlots).

Dominic West, the interpreter of Prince Charles, recently spoke about the scene in which the monarch appears breakdancing. See what the actor revealed!

In addition to The Crown, King Charles has breakdanced in real life

In Season 5 of The Crown, Charles is still a Prince. Elizabeth II’s son only became King in 2022, after the monarch’s passing.

Dominic West, as mentioned above, plays Charles in season 5 of The Crown. “The Way Ahead”, the 5th episode, focuses on the heir’s efforts to modernize the Royal Family.

The plot includes an interview between the Prince and presenter Jonathan Dimbleby, in which Charles talks about the organization “The Prince’s Trust” – a charity focused on helping youth in situations of economic and social vulnerability.

The last scene of the chapter shows Prince Charles breakdancing with a group of young people, to the sound of “Don’t Sweat the Technique”, a hit by the duo Eric B. & Rakim.

The moment left many onlookers in awe. After all, at least these days, it’s pretty hard to imagine King Charles breakdancing.

Surprisingly, this moment happened in real life! Even more unusually, it was not Peter Morgan (the creator of the series) who found this record. In fact, Dominic West came across the footage (check it out below) while preparing for The Crown.

“Peter hadn’t written the scene yet, and we alerted him to the video – ‘you need to see this amazing footage of Charles breakdancing,’” the actor revealed in a recent interview.

Morgan couldn’t resist including the scene in Season 5 of The Crown, much to Dominic West’s delight. According to the actor, the moment reveals a lot about King Charles.

“He knew he would look ridiculous dancing like that. But we realized that, especially when he was younger, Charles was very competitive, especially in sports.”

In the recordings of the scene, Dominic West learned the whole dance with the help of choreographer Polly Bennett.

“We spent a lot of time learning working with Polly, which was extraordinary. I learned the complete dance, but a part was cut. Anyway, it was all so much fun.”

The Crown season 5 is available on Netflix🇧🇷 Watch the video of King Charles breakdancing below.

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