The Crown: Everyone Has The Same Complaint About Season 5

spoiler alert

Netflix has released the fifth season of The Crown and many are saying the same thing about this new wave of episodes – specifically about the Prince Charles interpreter.

The Netflix series is known for changing actors every two seasons. The time jumps employed by the series in order to cover the entire reign of Queen Elizabeth II invariably lead to the aging of the characters.

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That way, the cast is replaced regularly – after all, Claire Foy could never play a lady over 60 without pounds of aging makeup.

Therefore, Prince Charles has already been played by some actors and in the fifth season by none other than Dominic West, from The Wire.

The problem is that everyone thinks he’s too handsome for the role.


fans react

“Dominic West is too handsome for Prince Charles,” tweeted one fan.

“You can clearly see that Dominic West is too hot to play Prince Charles, because in the tampon scene it wasn’t entirely cringe. It was like, ‘Wait a minute, he has some interesting ideas,’” another fan tweeted.

“Oh my God, the actor who plays Prince Charles in the recent season of The Crown is way too charismatic,” said another fan.

“Dominic West is too handsome to play Prince Charles to be honest,” said another fan.

The Crown is available from Netflix🇧🇷

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