"The Crown": Did he really scheme against Queen Elizabeth?

The fifth season of “The Crown” splits the opinions of fans and experts. The fact that King Charles is said to have plotted against his beloved mother seems to be a particular thorn in the side of many people. The maker of the hit series is now commenting on this storyline.

On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, the fifth season of “The Crown” was finally released on Netflix. After there was a lot of criticism in advance of the ten new episodes that play in the 1990s, opinions are now divided again. Not only the discussion of the divorce of Princess Diana, † 36, and King Charles, 73, then Prince of Wales, heated up the spirits, but also the presentation of Charles’ alleged intrigues against his mother Queen Elizabeth, † 96, caused critical voices . Series creator Peter Morgan now reveals what moved him to the latter storyline.

Did King Charles really scheme against the Queen?

In the fifth season premiere, Charles (Dominic West, 53) tries to deceive the Queen (Imelda Staunton, 66) by asking then-Prime Minister John Major (Jonny Lee Miller, 49) to complete a Sunday Times poll on acknowledging that the public believed the monarch should abdicate in his favour. But does this story correspond to reality? On The Crown podcast, which resumed to coincide with the start of the series’ airing, Peter Morgan explains that the storyline was inspired by Dominic West’s “powerful” portrayal of the prince.

Because in previous seasons, the younger Charles (Josh O’Connor, 32) had “a kind of tenderness, a vulnerability and a fragility”. “Dominic has none of that. He’s a baritonal, confident man in his prime,” says the series creator. In combination with Imelda Staunton’s performance, there was “suddenly a completely different balance of power between the Queen and the Prince of Wales”. Therefore, the series creators have incorporated this storyline and tried to illuminate Charles’ development from a vulnerable boy to a threat to the queen. Peter Morgan also wanted to bring in his supposed frustration about being the waiting heir to the throne. So it seems like this particular storyline can be viewed more as character development of series characters than as a rendering of historical facts.

Source used: “The Crown” Podcast


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