The crowd of new Marine Le Pen deputies returns under close surveillance

Big surprise and big winner of these legislative elections, the National Rally (RN) welcomed this Wednesday morning its dozens of new elected members of the National Assembly. Marine Le Pen, who will obviously remain the leader of this prominent group, literally left the Palais Bourbon at 10:30 a.m. to pick them up on the forecourt, right on time. This millimeter entry on the scene of a party that wants to prove that it can govern in the future will just have been disturbed by a banner that environmental activists have managed to unroll. “The three degrees, not the immigrants”, could we read there to mean that “the risk with 89 RN deputies is that we spend our time talking about Muslims who are not a problem unlike the emergency climate,” explained an activist, who had already disrupted a press conference by Marine Le Pen during the presidential election.

Among the plethoric new troops of the RN, the media were particularly attentive to the responses of Katiana Levavasseur, maintenance and cleaning agent, elected in the Eure, department where the party made a tidal wave. “It’s completely new to me, replies the Norman, moved on the steps of the Palace. I’ve been talking to a lot of journalists for the past few days, but finding myself there, inside the National Assembly… I’m on cloud nine. It shows that when we want, we can. It takes a lot of work but we’ll get there in the end.”

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“I have everything to learn, recognizes this fifties. But we are not released like that in nature, we have training. The RN has indeed put in place a whole process for its new MPs. There would even be a dress code… “We are not La France insoumise, we do not come in flip-flops and floral shirts”, Marine Le Pen would have declared to all of her elected officials by videoconference on Monday, according to The world. The tie, which is no longer compulsory in the National Assembly, remains strongly recommended in the RN. And it was seen this Wednesday morning: dark blue suit for men, strict tailor for women, we thought we were dealing with the crowd of a wedding on the Place du Palais-Bourbon.

“We are not zadists”

More broadly, the discourse was polished, not to say learned by heart. “We are not the Nupes, we are not in a desire to block and zadize the Assembly”, loose Thomas Ménagé, young thirty-year-old just elected in the Loiret. “We will be the first opposition force but in a respectful way, here is the house of the people. It’s an honor to be there, we are not zadists and disruptors like the Insoumis”, launches another new elected official. We feel that the violins have been tuned.

The crowd barely allowed themselves a few applause for the arrival of Marine Le Pen and the family photo. This contrasts with the spectacular entry of the Insoumis on Tuesday, full of effusion and concludes with the fist raised by the song of the Yellow Vests: “We are here! We are here! Even if Macron does not want it, we are here!”

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