The cross of 7 stones: the cult of horror trash will arrive in homevideo

Thanks to TetroVideo, the film also known as The Werewolf Against the Camorra will arrive on blu-ray with a rich section of extras.

In collaboration with Luce Cinecittà, TetroVideo will distribute for the international home video market The 7 stone cross (aka The werewolf against the camorra, Cross of the Seven Jewels), a film considered the cult of horror trash. The film will enjoy for the first time a ‘Blu-ray edition made from a 4K scan of the 35 mm negative and embellished with a rich section of extra content by InGenereCinema.

The cross of 7 stones: a scene from the film

Produced in 1987 by GC Pictures, The Cross of the 7 Stones was screened in only two Sicilian theaters and was written, directed and starring Eddy Endolf, pseudonym of Marco Antonio Andolfi, who in 2007, twenty years later, dealt with also directed by the medium-length film Riecco Aborym, the ideal sequel to The Cross of 7 Stones. Subsequently, Andolfi re-edited the film for the Asian market, adding some unreleased scenes and renaming it Talisman.

The Cross Of The 7 Stones Cover Ita

The cross of 7 stones: the poster by Shin Nagai in collaboration with the Italian artist Claudio Montalbano

The story of The 7 stone cross stars the Roman Marco Sartori, a bank employee who is stolen a precious jeweled cross without which man is condemned to transform into a werewolf. Marco will try to recover the powerful talisman but during his search he will be forced to confront some leaders of the Camorra. The cast includes Marco Antonio Andolfi, Annie Belle, Gordon Mitchell, Paolo Fiorino, George Ardisson, Zaira Zoccheddu, Glauco Simonini, Giulio Massimini and Mario Donatone.

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