The criticism hails down: New Danish music company will only represent queers

‘Gender discrimination’, ‘discrimination’ and ‘exclusion’.

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This is the criticism of the new Danish music company Queer Music Agency, which insists that they will only represent artists who identify as queer.

That is, artists who do not consider themselves heterosexual or gay.

The man behind the newly started music company is called Frederik Diness Ove.

He says that he has founded the company in an attempt to help a minority, but at the same time states that he can well understand the criticism that abounds especially on social media.

“We have done this because there is a need for it,” he told BT, adding:

“I would never have done it if there was not this lack of diversity in the music industry. It is in the service of the good cause. “

What would you think if a record company was founded only for heterosexuals?

“I can understand that this is the first thing some people think, but there you just have to keep in mind that there are already a lot of record companies in the industry that mainly represent heterosexual cis people.”

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Frederik Diness Ove is the founder of the new music company Queer Music Agency.

Frederik Diness Ove is the founder of the new music company Queer Music Agency.

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But does that mean it’s more right when you exclude people in your company?

“I can understand that criticism, but again, I would not have done it if there was no problem with the lack of diversity and oppression of minorities,” says Frederik Diness Ove and continues:

“I hope that in five years’ time it will no longer be necessary, and then I am more than ready to change the profile of our company.”

Had you anticipated the criticism?

“Yes, I had enough, but you can still be surprised at how people formulate themselves,” says Frederik Diness Ove and continues:

“The good tone is still non-existent in many people sitting behind the computer, and it may well amaze me, even if I had foreseen that there would be criticism.”

How does it work in practice? Do you check up on the sexuality of your artists?

‘No, I’m not going to check up on anything. We have made it clear that we are a place where minorities can turn, and then it is up to the people themselves whether they define themselves as queer. I do not control it. “

Frederik Diness Ove finally emphasizes that he only wants artists who are talented.

“There has been some criticism that we only take people in just because they are queers, but that’s not how it goes,” he says and continues:

‘It is still the music that is the alpha and omega. We still only take in artists who make high-quality music. “

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