The crazy rescue of a mother elephant and her calf

In Thailandit’s here season rains. A monsoon in the form of big storms, brief and unpredictable, which surprised, a few days ago, a mother asian elephant and her baby. Both were walking, in the middle of a storm, along a golf course in the province of Nakhon Nayok. And the baby elephant, only one year old, slipped on the wet and muddy grass, finding himself swept into a man-made hole. A kind of manhole, it would seem. More than two meters deep.

A passerby alerted the authorities. When they arrived at the scene, the mother elephant showed serious signs of anxiety. Her little one seemed trapped for several hours already. And the agitation of the elephant made the work of the rescuers almost impossible. The caregivers tried to calm her down. In vain. The decision was therefore made to administer a tranquilizer. And that’s when the real drama happened.

An extraordinary cardiac massage

The ten-year-old mother elephant collapsed in the hole, her head hitting the ground hard. To the first emergency was added a second. Rescuers then used a boom lift mounted on a truck to pull the elephant out of the hole. And it was then cardiopulmonary resuscitation operations that they had to implement on the animal. With all their weight, three veterinarians busy themselves on his gigantic torso.

To extract the baby elephant, which was still struggling in the hole, the rescuers then employed a backhoe. So they made a way out. the rescue lasted three hours in all. And mom and baby were able to find their herd in the jungle. Under the moved gaze of those who came to their aid.

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