The Court of Auditors is concerned about the Flemish debt

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This growth should continue in the years to come. A return to equilibrium is only envisaged in 2027. “The Court of Auditors remains concerned about the impact of this budgetary path on the debt”, one can read in a report consulted by the Belga Agency.

Like the other entities, the Flemish budget has taken the brunt of the health crisis. The Jambon government would like to halve the structural deficit of 1.8 billion euros by 2024. But, according to the Court, this budget will still be in red by 2.6 billion next year.

The Flemish debt standard is under pressure, notes the Court. It establishes that the debt cannot exceed 65% of the receipts. It was established, in particular, to benefit from a better financial rating. But it has already been exceeded this year and in 2026 the ratio would rise to 94%. “Debt control is a point of attention for the Court of Auditors,” says the report.

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