The couple got 8 years behind bars: But President Zeman pardoned them!

Since 2015, the Polish couple had over 200 kilograms of concentrate of the substance brought to the Czech Republic from Peru, from which they gradually obtained approximately 300 liters of drink. They then gave it to clients during rituals at their homes. The High Court in Olomouc gave the couple eight years in prison for this.

Human gesture

However, Chief Justice Pavel Blažek (53, ODS) announced yesterday that the head of state would pardon them. “I thank Miloš Zeman for his wise and human opinion,” said the minister, who proposed the pardon together with MP Jakub Michálek (33, Piráti), on the social network.

A change in the law

The government anti-drug coordinator Jindřich Vobořil (56, ODS) also welcomes the decision. “While elsewhere in Europe in similar cases the accused get a suspended sentence, here they were punished in the same way as serious criminals,” Vobořil told Aha!. According to him, not only the amendment of the criminal code, which would reduce today’s draconian punishments, should be addressed, but over time also how to legally allow similar therapeutic ritual sessions under certain standardized conditions.

Medicinal use

Head of the National Anti-Drug Headquarters Jakub Frydrych Aha! he said he was against the recreational use of similar substances. “However, if it were to be used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes, similar to how we have medical cannabis, then of course I have no problem with that,” he said.

Contact with the gods

For 5,000 years, shamans have reportedly been using the DMT extract from ayahuasca to achieve hallucinogenic effects ranging from visual to mental changes. Users are subjected to internal thoughts or flashbacks. While some users talk about contact with spiritual beings, others talk about evil spirits. Thus, participants can have completely different experiences.

Bém had a catharsis

A Czech documentary Bufo Alvarius was filmed about DMT, in which former Prague mayor Pavel Bém (59, ODS) also spoke. He sat on the Global Commission on Drug Policy at the United Nations. He openly says that the substance he had from the toad has therapeutic potential and admitted to the creators that he had it himself. “Pavel went to the last corner of himself and experienced a huge catharsis,” said one of the creators Filip Záruba on Radio Wave.

Controversial graces

Although Zeman promised during the first presidential election in 2013 that he would grant pardons only for humanitarian reasons and to the seriously ill, he has already broken his promise several times. He pardoned both the life-sentenced double murderer Jiří Kajínek (61) and the head of the Lány Forestry Administration, Miloš Balák. This year, the court sentenced him to three years in prison for influencing public contracts.

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