The Council of the European Union formally adopts the voluntary reduction of gas consumption

The text will be published early next week in the Official Journal of the EU and will enter into force one day later, the Czech Presidency announced on Twitter.

The agreement between the 27 was prompted by the observation of a sharp drop in Russian gas deliveries following the invasion of Ukraine. “Global gas flows from Russia are now less than 30% of average gas flows for the period 2016-2021”, specifies the text of the regulation adopted on Friday. To cope with a possible total interruption of supply, the EU has decided that each State will try, in its own way, to reduce its gas consumption without delay, by 15% compared to the average for the same period on the last five years.

If a serious shortage is looming, the 27 may decide to trigger an “alert” at EU level, which would make it compulsory to reduce gas consumption in each state. Exceptions are provided, mainly for island or energy-isolated states.

Each state must update its national emergency plan by the end of October, to take this reduction target into account.

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