The Council of States approves the tightening of access to civil service

The number of civilians has jumped and too many soldiers leave for civilian service after recruit school. It is undesirable that the late transition to civil service is attractive, lamented Olivier Français (PLR / VD) for the commission. In 2021, some 2,000 people were admitted to the civil service after their recruit school. The army’s training expenses ultimately lost are estimated at 69 million francs, recalled the Vaudois, a point also underlined by the Minister of the Economy Guy Parmelin. Many young people leave the army for civilian service because it is a solution that offers better planning possibilities, noted Werner Salzmann (UDC / BE). So there is competition between civilian service and military service.

Six repeated measures

The motion accepted this Monday by 31 votes to 9, from the ranks of the UDC, resumes the refused package in 2020 by removing the two disputed measures at the time and keeping the six measures which were not or little disputed. The text requires in particular that all persons admitted to civil service complete 150 days of service. Physicians should no longer perform civilian service as physicians. Admissions should no longer be possible for soldiers who have completed all their days of training service.

Greens opposed

The Greens opposed the text in vain. The army will not come out stronger by tapping on the civil service, noted Céline Vara (Vert e s / NE). And to recall that the army has taken measures to strengthen its attractiveness and that its workforce has increased. In addition, some planned measures could be fought all the way to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Civilian service is not an adjustment variable for army personnel, added Lisa Mazzone (Vert e s / GE). Restricting access to civil service will have a concrete impact on the needs of society, she added, recalling the commitment of civilians, particularly in the EMS, nurseries, agriculture.

For the Civil Service Federation (CIVIVA), “this decision is incomprehensible”. According to her, the actual strength of the Swiss army, limited to 140,000 soldiers, is exceeded by 11,299 soldiers according to the 2022 census. her in a statement.

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