The Corona Police Station recommends changing the “Covid Safe Ticket” to “Corona Certificate”: compulsory vaccination, only as a last resort

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The Prime Minister received this Thursday evening, from the Corona Commissariat, a detailed note concerning the scenarios for maximizing vaccination coverage in our country. According to our information, the memo was subsequently shared with all the members of the Consultation Committee. The aim is for it to be explained and discussed at the next codeco scheduled for next week.

Considering the importance of the debate, the Prime Minister also transmitted, and without delay, all the documents and opinions received to the Presidency of the Chamber. The Conference of Presidents of the House has, in fact, decided on Wednesday to launch the parliamentary debate on this issue. Parliamentary debate for which the Health Committee will organize the work, including the hearings.

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Compulsory vaccination: we do not get wet

As a reminder, on November 18, the Consultative Committee asked the Corona Police Station to examine all the existing avenues for increasing the vaccination rate. The legal and ethical aspects as well as the vaccine motivation had to be taken into account. We were able to see this report and, indeed, the Corona Commissariat clearly evokes what is implemented in other countries. Regarding the vaccination obligation, he hardly gets wet. He recalls that WHO Europe considers compulsory vaccination “as the last resort”. “Even if a general vaccination obligation may be ethically, socially and legally acceptable and proportionate, even desirable, as evidenced by the opinions received, the uncertainties on the epidemiological evolution, the continuation of the vaccination campaign in terms of necessity and pot of repeated doses for collective immunity, etc. today make it difficult to make a decision on the advisability, scope and modalities of a vaccination obligation ”.

Several scenarios

The Commissariat underlines that several scenarios on the epidemiological evolution and the use of vaccines to protect individuals and populations are possible. But, importantly, he recommends having a political and social debate on the opportunity, the scope and the modalities of a vaccination obligation. “It is important to back up the debate with the most recent scientific data,” he advises. The Federal government should not look at this debate alone, but it should involve both the legislative power and the federated entities. And, why not, make it a social debate or even a consultation on this issue. One could consider asking the help of the King Baudouin Foundation which has a great experience in popular consultation process.

Crown certificate

The Commissariat is finally looking at the famous CST. Who can keep an interest even if, in the long run, it is not easy. It therefore recommends replacing the “Covid Safe Ticket” in its current form by a “Corona Certificate” based on two groups (vaccinated or cured) or one group (1 vaccinated). “The current Corona 3G Certificate is referred to as the Covid Safe Ticket in the regulations. In view of the scientific results on protection against contamination, the designation must certainly be adapted. The Corona Police Station recommends the name “Corona Certificate” ”, we can read in the note.

One of the points considered, in order to increase the vaccination rate, is to withdraw the certificate of recovery from this certificate.

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