“The copier”: ending explained of the Netflix movie

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Directed by Wregas Bhanuteja, “Photocopier” is a film is an Indonesian crime drama drama film that originally premiered on October 8, 2021 and reached Netflix on January 13, 2022.

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The film, which won a total of twelve Citra Awards out of seventeen nominations, including Best Film and Best Director awards, tells the story of Suryani, a student who, after losing a scholarship because of some photos of her at a party, tries to discover what happened that confusing night.

Sur does not remember what happened that night, but thanks to the taxi application he discovers that before reaching his house the vehicle stopped for almost an hour. Also, with the help of her friend Amin, who lives and works on campus as a photocopier, the young computer science student collects all the videos and photos from the party and finds her first suspect, Tariq.

South trying to get evidence against the person who drugged her and photographed her (Photo: The copier / Netflix)


The protagonist of “”He gets the support of the leader of the theater group, who confronts Tariq to explain why he gave Sur a glass of a different color and why he spent more than an hour in the kitchen.

To clear things up, they decide to review the security tapes, which only reveal that Tariq goes to the psychiatrist to deal with the death of his mother. The images also show the young woman taking several photos with her cell phone, with what everyone believes that it was she who published her photos.

However, Suryani continues to investigate the events of that night and becomes suspicious of Rama, so he enters his email to get evidence against him. When she discovers that he put together the scenery for the play based on photos of her naked body, she presents her case to the ethics committee.

But before they can investigate, the files are leaked and Rama decides to sue Rama for defamation. To prevent that from happening and his father losing his job, Sur must deny his allegations and make a public apology.

After seeing the photo of her daughter’s birthmark, Sur’s mother believes in her daughter and takes her to her friend Siti’s home. Tariq and Farah arrive there, who were also victims of Rama and apologize for not supporting her.

Sur telling his mother what happened that confusing night (Photo: The copier / Netflix)
Sur telling his mother what happened that confusing night (Photo: The copier / Netflix)


Sur, Tariq and Farah steal the cell phone of Rama’s accomplice taxi driver and obtain several videos that incriminate the student, however, before they can send him or hand him over to the police, the culprit appears at Siti’s house and destroys all the evidence.

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As a last resort, Sur and Farah photocopy their story, scars and other evidence and throw them from the roof of the university. They are joined by other victims of Rama. Seeing all this, the leader of the theater group beats the culprit, but does she receive another punishment? Are they taking it to court?

Sur and Farah throwing copies of the evidence against Rama (Photo: The copier / Netflix)
Sur and Farah throwing copies of the evidence against Rama (Photo: The copier / Netflix)

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